Enjoying the Process of Training

We are 5 weeks away from Ironman Worldchampionship. Training for an Ironman has never been an easy task. It’s time consuming, mentally and physically demanding. There are times when the body cannot take another minute of running, cycling or swimming. But that’s when the mental aspect plays an important role. I used to do most of my training indoors and focus on the performance side of each session. One of the different things I have learned throughout this Season has been to enjoy more every workout. Of course there are sessions that are key and require hitting a particular pace or power. But there are others that are more easy and “aerobic” which I have learned to appreciate. So now, I find myself doing a lot more of that stuff outdoors. Doing trail running and hiking has become something that I really enjoy nowadays. It offers me some refreshment for the hard days and connects me with my soul and spirit.

The hard stuff is not gone. It’s necessary to get you where you have set your goals. But this new approach has given me a more enjoyable style of training which certainly has helped me to love more what I do.


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