Road to Kona : Between the rides and the runs

Only three weeks away from Ironman WorldChampionships. It’s no mystery that the hours on the saddle and the long runs will suck the last drop of energy from you. It’s really crazy when I look at the numbers. The past month I have been putting together weeks of 22 hours of training, even 25!!!

On the expectations side of things people had asked me what do I want to accomplish. For me it’s really simple, been here again after 2012 incident(Ironman Journey Chapter 4) it’s already a miracle from life. Anything I can do on race day is a gift. Of course I have an estimated finishing time I would like to achieve. But the truth is that in my mind that is secondary given the fact that race time varies from year to year due to different weather conditions on race day.

Back to training, I’m almost finishing my last hell week. After this, everything starts to gradually go down in volume at least.

Then other thoughts start to wonder over my head… what’s next after Kona?

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