Esa Sesión que no salió bien..

A través de mis años como atleta y ahora como entrenador, en múltiples ocaciones me he encontrado con días en que nada sale bien. No logro sostener la potencia indicada en la bici. No logro al correr aguantar el exigente ritmo del intervalo. Me ahogo con el ritmo que en cada brazada que doy. Si... Continue Reading →

How to Choose your First Ironman

If you're new in triathlon the word "Ironman" might sound overwhelming. In fact, it is. Before signing into any race there are a few things to consider. Training Adaptation  If you're just starting out in the sport, follow the logic step of building up from a Sprint race or Olympic triathlon to a Half Ironman... Continue Reading →

Ironman Santa Rosa

Planning and racing don't always get along I came very confident on the work I put for Ironman Santa Rosa. Building my fitness for this race started early this year. I spent endless hours on the bike doing lots of strength work. Running done most on treadmill to avoid possible injuries. For Swimming I added... Continue Reading →

GFNY Chile 2018

One of the commitments after Ironman Worldchampionships was to become a stronger cyclist. Following that path meant adding some Road Cycling Races to my calendar. The obvious choice (giving some time for recovery after Kona) was Gran Fondo New York Chile. GFNY Chile makes it's second edition race in the surroundings of Casablanca. A well... Continue Reading →

Closing the Chapter

It's a bitter sweet taste feeling when I look back to all the time I put training to Race in Hawaii and the result is not what I expected. I did everything I could to get in my best shape. Endless sessions riding or running alone. So what happened? I was having a pretty good... Continue Reading →

Living the Kona Dream

Almost every person who starts to race Ironman distance triathlon has the dream of going to the Ironman Worldchampionships in Hawaii. My case is no different from others. Watching videos of the history of Ironman plus meeting some of the heroes of the sport made me click inside. Why not? Would I ever be able... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the Process of Training

We are 5 weeks away from Ironman Worldchampionship. Training for an Ironman has never been an easy task. It's time consuming, mentally and physically demanding. There are times when the body cannot take another minute of running, cycling or swimming. But that's when the mental aspect plays an important role. I used to do most... Continue Reading →

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