Ironman Journey Part 3

Ironman Zurich 2012

“The Dream of Hawaii”

After learning my lesson from Korea, I looked for a race with a more friendly climate. This time it was Ironman Zurich.
Ironman races in Europe are very competitive. Instead of aiming for the qualification I just wanted to have a good race. Swimming on lake Zurich, technical cycling around the city. Steep climbs and the on going support of the locals just like in the European Tour. Flat Marathon around the city lake. It rained on the morning of race day. I didn’t have a good swim. Did not feel comfortable on the bike aswell and I had some issues with the chain on critical moments of the bike course. I felt frustrated. Just had the Marathon to turn things around. I ran with anger. There are no perfect plans on Ironman and today was not the exception. I passed a lot of people. Ended up 12. Not enough to get direct qualification, but… at the roll down ceremony the list moved, and moved and moved again… and I qualified.







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