Ironman Journey Part 7

Ironman Brazil 2017

“The Perfect Storm”

2017 begins with the illusion of returning to Hawaii again. I sign up for Ironman Brazil because it seems to be the ideal place to qualify by proximity and number of slots. I prepare like never before, arriving in my best physical condition. On the race weekend a rainstorm hits Florianópolis and the race takes place in bad weather conditions. I have a good swim, but cycling is done in full rainy weather, which makes it extremely dangerous. A narrow course, dangerous and saturated with competitors. At 40K the worst happens, a cyclist trying to avoid a puddle of water, crosses to my track, which causes our wheels to bump and suffer a fall at high speed. I hit my hip hard and suffered several bruises. The rear wheel of my bicycle is damaged and it is impossible for me to continue. With some luck, my fall is meters away from a Shimano mechanical tent. A mechanic approaches and helps me repair my bike. The process takes 15 minutes. Finally, I swallow the pain and decide to continue. It’s still 140 kilometers of cycling and my hip hurts like hell. It continues raining and I do my best to recover those lost 15 minutes. I don’t know if I will be able to run, but at least I will not give up without giving a fight. When I finish cycling I get down and immediately notice that the pain is unbearable. I make the effort to continue. I put on my running shoes and take off. After 2 kilometers I realize that I will not be able to continue and I decide to retire. I feel very frustrated and sorry for what has just happened to me. Why does this kind of thing keeps happening to me? Already on the plane back to Chile, I have a conversation with Lalo Araya, who has known me since my beginnings. He makes me reflect and understand that I can not stop fighting. My Coach, Armando Galarraga ends up convincing me that what happened to me was cirscunstantial and that we will get to Hawaii sooner or later. The next day I signed up for Ironman Argentina. In 7 months I will have my revenge.






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